Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Education: Read it with RIC resources - Billy doesn't like school really

As many of my readers know, I am a primary school teacher and the past 3 years have been spent really focussing on my practice as an educator.

I am glad to say that more drama/theatre posts will be up over the coming months as things have stabilised in my newish career now and I have found what I feel is my groove and am able to balance work/home life in a slightly wiser way. This is mainly because of LibraryGirl and the plethora of amazing teachers I have met who have introduced me to techniques that have aided me in my ability to provide good quality learning experiences for my pupils.

One of those teachers is Mrs P Teaches, who I was lucky enough to meet at a W Sussex teachmeet. Her ideas were brilliant and she was bubbling over with passion for learning and it was just so inspiring I instantly changed my reading lessons to her model which is named Read with RIC.

Today I have attached an example of my task that my class will be doing in approx. 45 minutes during our Guided Reading lesson.

I am happy to say these lessons are turning out to be a success and I hope they continue to do so as the year progresses.

Stay tuned for further posts including:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drury Lane review, Wicked review and after Christmas some views of the plays on in London and my wishlist for the coming New Year.

Stay safe and enjoy your week my friends.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kala Chethena Kathakali live at the Connaught Theatre Worthing 31.05.15 REVIEW

Kala Chethena Kathakli Company

Last month LibraryGirl and myself attended a fantastic event at the Connaught Theatre in Worthing. It was a piece of Dance Theatre called Hima Sundari and was performed by the Kala Chetena Kathakali Company. This event was absolutely fantastic from start to finish and was a refreshing change from the general thing we go to see at the theatre. 

Our first knowledge of this performance was an exhibition of the costumes being shown at Worthing Museum in our hometown. As long time readers may remember LibraryGirl is a fan of many parts of Indian culture and it was her who introduced me to Bollywood so when we saw this exhibition advertised we made sure we visited. We got to see the fantastic costumes of this brilliant art form up close and they are breath taking! Real works of art that are worn in performance made by artisans from Kerala who have trained and done this work for many years.

The show was absolutely fantastic, well staged and they gave us a lecture before the show that provided lots of information about the art form and the company itself. The dance style is very expressive and this helps the story make sense and conveys the emotions and thoughts of the characters very well. There were moments of humour, joy, romance and horror within the show which made it truly immersive. LibraryGirl and myself really enjoyed the show and the price was very reasonable for a show as good as this.

Please go and visit their site here and if they are coming near you, you owe it to yourself to buy tickets because it truly is a magnificent show.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monologue by Harold Pinter Vlog by Me

Hi please find in this post my very first vlog! Any feedback you can give me below would be very happily received.

I hope you enjoy this vlog.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monologue by Harold Pinter - my ambitions!

I am a creature of habit and it seems that when I have an idea it becomes stuck and I cannot shake it. This must seem to you the reader a good thing but imagine you have an idea when 20, you then never fulfil or give life and breath to that idea or plan. Time passes in a a manner that seems like slipping sands, before you know it you are 28 and the idea still bugs you. This is the current state I find myself in. Monologue by Pinter is an enigma of a theatrical piece that I have both obsessed over and pursued the past 8 years. I have at times recorded and posted my own version of the audio of a performance. If I am honest with myself the audio I have posted in the past has been incredibly poor and not fitting my abilities as an orator let alone an actor. It is time to put the past to bed, to put the reputation on the line and finally do a real performance of the piece. So my aim over the coming weeks and months is to rehearse and provide a couple of recordings to my youtube account showing the evolution of the piece. With half term looming I am hoping to have a recording up within two weeks.